From passwords to passkeys

Passkeys are massively supported by Microsoft, Apple and Google. While that’s a very new and promising functionality, I have some thought I would like to share about it.

Why you should use a password manager

It’s quite common for people to not see a value on this change, or to find it too complex or complicated. Let’s explore this topic!

Trezor - Fake e-mail analysis

Did you get an e-mail saying you were victim of a data leak? It’s a fake one, and I’m gonna explain why.

An introduction to Terraform

Let’s learn a little bit about Terraform.


Welcome to my new blog.

Creative Commons Licenses — All Explained

Everything that we create in our life is protected by intellectual rights. It means that if you create any kind of content and publish it on the Internet, by default no one have permission to change, share outside your website or earn money with your work. In a practical example, you cannot simply create a remix of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, a tribute to your favorite writer using his/her pictures or cut some pieces of a poem to share on Facebook without asking permission from the authors.
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Domain Name System: How it works

Have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes when you type in your browser? I mean, how does your computer knows where to retrieve your data from? That is what I am going to explain to you in this article. All electronic devices connected to the Internet has an IP address. An IP is like your social identification number, only your device has that number while you are connected.
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